Signed and Ratified
 Patient Rights in Slovenia

Right to Informed Consent

Right to Information about his or her Health
Rights regarding the Medical File
Right to Privacy
Right to Complain and to Compensation
Rights of Users of Genetic Services


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The Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine

Signature Ratification
04/04/1997 05/11/1998


General National Patient Rights Protection

A new act in the field of protection of patient rights, the Act on Patients Rights, has recently been passed in the Republic of Slovenia. The Act was accepted 29 January 2008, it became valid on 26 February 2008 and will be applicable in practice from 26 August 2008 on. This act forms the key legal document in the field. It lays down the rights of a patient, as a user of health care services, regarding all providers of such services, the procedures to enforce these rights when they are violated and the obligations stemming from these rights. The purpose of the act is to enable equal, adequate, solid and safe health care of a required standard that is based on trust and respect between the patient and the doctor or any other medical professional or medical collaborator.

Apart from the Act on Patients Rights, the Health Services Act also provides a legal basis in the field of the patient rights. The Health Services Act lays down the measures and activities that shall be carried out by the medical professionals in safeguarding health, preventing, diagnosing and treating patients and the injured. The Act lays down the nature and the course of medical treatment, the public health care service and the links between health care organisations and medical professionals in chambers and associations.